Dodge the Heat with Phoenix FilmBar & Four Peaks Brews (Bonus: Catch Kilt Lifter’s Big Screen Debut!)

How do Arizonans handle the heat? For many, we take this opportunity to catch up on our movies. Phoenix FilmBar offers the perfect venue to beat the heat and watch some of our favorite Indy films (or films we may have missed on the big screen the first time) with a Four Peaks draft beer in hand.

FilmBar (1 of 1)
Phoenix FilmBar is located in downtown Phoenix at 815 N 2nd St, Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix FilmBar offers your favorite Four Peaks styles – including Oatmeal Stout. And with its summer series, including The Karate Kid and Coming to America, Phoenix movie lovers get to relive old memories while introducing a new generation to these timeless films.

That’s not all the Phoenix FilmBar offers. With screenings like Durant’s Never Closes, the Phoenix FilmBar takes many opportunities to support local businesses and local artists – including Travis Mills.

Travis set out to raise $100,000 in a KickStarter Fund by February 5, 2015. He succeeded and now the fruit of, not only his fundraising efforts, but his creation, “Durant’s Never Closes” will soon be bestowed upon this great state.

“Durant’s Never Closes”, a movie based on the book “The Saga of Jack Durant,” by Mabel Leo and “In My Humble Opinion,” a play written by Terry Earp, captures the life of 1950’s Phoenix gambler and restaurant owner Jack Durant. Jack’s ties to the mafia remain a mystery, but his insatiable love for women is as intriguing as the guests he welcomed into his legendary steakhouse in the 1950’s. What is even more interesting to this craft beer crowd, Four Peaks Kilt Lifter makes a couple of scene-stealing cameos!DurantsNeverClosesKiltShot

What has been your favorite movie you’ve taken in at Phoenix FilmBar?

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