Craft Beer Convenience [Slideshow]

The city of Tempe began to bustle again as new and returning college students populate ASU campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. Whether you’re wrapping up a collegiate path, continuing on with a Master’s degree or getting ready to defend dissertations this school year, we’d like to take this moment to talk about some soldiers of craft beer that often go unrecognized but are clutch: the locally owned, locally operated craft beer convenience store.

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Star Liquor & Convenience is located at 1512 N Scottsdale Road in Tempe. Located just north of the main ASU campus, Star Convenience is the perfect place to shop for craft beer while steering clear of the traffic of Mill Avenue. With friendly service and coolers for as far as the eye can see, a craft beer fan on the go really has plenty of options at Star Convenience. Not sure what you pining for? No problem! Build your own 6 pack of craft beer and explore new brews or reminisce with old favorites.

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East of ASU’s main campus lies a gem on the corner of Apache and S. Elm Street called Liquor Express. Kyle is quick to greet you with a warm smile and there are aisles and aisles and coolers and coolers of craft beer to choose from! There’s even a walk in cooler for the big stuff. An added bonus is the growler filling station that has twenty-seven (27!) taps of draft beer flowing for convenient to-go purchase. This place has everything you need, but it will be the craft beer selection that brings the craft beer lover back! Kyle is proud of the empire he has built and is even more proud that Four Peaks beer claims his top 2 selling spots.

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West of ASU’s campus stands a beacon of pride to the craft beer community, Tops Liquors. Tops Liquors can be found at 403 W. University Dr. in Tops Liquors Plaza on the corner of University and S. Farmer Ave. If you listen closely as you enter Tops, you may hear a few Angels of Ale singing in cherub voices. Don’t be alarmed if you also hear harps and flutes either. It’s that magical. Matt greets guests with a genuine smile. He or Greg are happy to help you locate your favorite brew or talk about a new one with you. There are plenty to choose from. Available individually or in packages, in this craft beer nirvana, anything is possible. Immediately adjacent to the store is a small bar area that serves up some big beers. Do note, beer purchased in the Tops Liquors is meant to be consumed off-premise and in the company of good friends. Stop by Taste of Tops with friends to purchase a good brew to enjoy in their freshly painted pub.

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