You’re Invited to Tour Our Houses!

Jamie begins a tour through the original Four Peaks in Tempe.

Knowing where your brew comes from is important. Especially to the gang here at Four Peaks Brewing Company.

We just love craft beer. We love that we can enjoy fresh beer from the source weekly. We love the variety that craft beer offers. We love being a part of an active craft beer community.

We also love sharing information, education, stories, videos and pictures of what we do so well – and that’s making darn good beer.

We wanted to expand that experience. We all sat around a while ago and asked ourselves what we enjoy out of our personal craft beer experiences.

Bottling 101 with Jamie on a brewery tour.

We enjoy the smells of hops and malts offered. We enjoy walking in and seeing the big steel tanks in the morning and then in the early evening during the sunset and illuminates them just so. We enjoy talking to brewers, cellarmen, and the bottling team about what’s on the horizon. We enjoy talking about beer and how we make it. We appreciate the process because we understand the process.

Then it hit us: Brewery tours! 
Touring the barrel room and the canning line.
Let's show our friends and fans what we do and how we do it. Let's educate them about Four Peaks beer in a way no one or no other platform can educate them.

Then we got to work. We recruited a couple of enthusiastic, articulate, and fun tour guides that are passionate about not only craft beer but Four Peaks craft beer. We offer tours three times a day on Saturday – 10:30, 12, and 2:30. They last about 45 minutes to an hour and include two (2) tickets to enjoy the beer our participants just learned all about in the tour. We also threw in a price break for any merchandise purchased that day as well – 15% off.

Tours_072015-19Word got out, and the tours gained more popularity. We were getting requests left and right and, frankly, could not keep up! The choice was simple. We had to add more tours!

Starting September 15, 2015, Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe will offer Tuesday and Wednesday evening tours at 7 PM in addition to Saturday tour times!

Tours_072015-16This is an excellent opportunity to host a company get together or team building exercise! Out of town guests will be able to tour one of Tempe’s oldest buildings and learn about Arizona’s premier brewery up close and in person! Guests also looking for an entertaining and educational activity for a group of friends will also benefit from our expansion of schedule offerings.

Wilson Tours-2
Group tour of Wilson in Tempe, AZ.

But we couldn’t just stop there. We didn’t want the Tasting Room on Wilson to feel left out! We went back to the drawing board. We concluded we must include Four Peaks Tasting Room and production facility in the tour schedule.

Starting September 25, 2015, Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson will be open from 4 PM – 9 PM every Friday night. There will be tours to take, beer to drink, food trucks to dine from, and parking spots to… park! 

Make your reservations for your tours today or keep us in mind for traveling friends, office parties, or just something to do on a day off.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.37.32 PMWe look forward to seeing you at a brewery tour or sipping on a brew at the Tasting Room on Wilson soon!  Send a shout out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We like hearing from our friends and sharing your awesome pics!


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