Pumpkins, and Prizes, and Porters! OH MY!

Ahhhh… Fall in the desert. The daily weather report may not be a good indicator that fall is upon us, BUT it’s nothing that a little pumpkin carving contest can’t cure!

826On Friday, October 30, Four Peaks will be holding its 18th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest at the Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson. This year promises to be the best year to date! Not only is there ample parking at the Wilson location, but we will also be enjoying the tasty fare from not one but TWO food trucks – New Flame Cafe and Fontana’s Pizzeria.

Hey, even if you don’t have a carved pumpkin, stop by anyway and have a pint of Pumpkin Porter, or better yet, a pint of Double Pumpkin!

Here’s the low down on the specifics for this event:

• The Four Peaks’ Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest drop-off begins at 6 PM and goes till 8 PM for participants 21 years old and older.

Judging commences from 8 PM to 8:40 PM. So, be sure to bring your friends along with you to vote!

Winners announced at 9 PM followed by high fives all around.


1) All pumpkin carving is to be completed off-site and delivered as a completed work to the Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson. While we love the end results, we don’t like slipping around the Tasting Room in pumpkin guts!

2) Everyone is responsible for the purchase of their pumpkin(s). There is no size or weight limit, but all pumpkins and designs must be movable and set up by the carvers with no additional assistance. Plus, how are you going to hold your beer and try to lift a ginormous Jack-o-lantern? Priorities, friends. Priorities.

3) No derogatory or ethically questionable pumpkins will be accepted. We’re all friends here.

Meet the judges: The guests and friends of Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson!

That means that anyone interested in judging has the opportunity to cast one ballot to mark entries in the three categories of BEST OVERALL, BEST FOUR PEAKS THEME, and MOST CREATIVE.

What’s at stake?

Well, for one, we’ll make you Facebook Famous (and Instagram Famous and Twitter Famous) by sharing your mug and your prized pumpkin on our pages!

We know you’d like a little more than clout and bragging rights here, so Best in Show wins a gift card to purchase a ¼ BBL Double Pumpkin. Most Creative and Best Four Peaks Theme each wins a gift card to purchase a ¼ BBL of their choice keg (not including Pumpkin Porter or Double Pumpkin), in addition to some fun runner-up prizes.

So, tap into your inner artist and get cracking! I thought I’d share some inspiration to help you along as well. (Note: these are NOT endorsements, just some fun ideas to share.)

• Here are some Jack-o-lantern ideas on Pinterest.
• DIY gives a couple of pumpkin carving ideas for traditional pumpkins (hey – it’s a place to start!)
• And, of course, who wouldn’t want to reference our favorite craft expert, Martha?

Now, anyone who has lived through even ONE Halloween in the desert knows that these Jack-o-lanterns have a tough time taking on the elements of our beloved weather. Check out a couple of these blogs that help you preserve and prolong the life of your work of art:

• 5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Pumpkin Last Longer
• Here’s the scientific approach: How to Preserve a Halloween Jack o Lantern
• And here’s what I found on YouTube – ABC15’s Terri O from Sonoran Living tested tips:

Fall in the desert is indeed celebrated a little differently than in other parts of the country. While it seems as though our friends and family just about everywhere else are getting out sweaters and hoodies, we’re still fighting through the 100º weather. But we’ll be playing a couple rounds of golf while these friends and family are shoveling snow, won’t we?! Cheers!

Follow Four Peaks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share your favorite jack-o-lantern ideas with us! Don’t forget to hashtag #FourPeaksPumpkinCarving!

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