Four Peaks Brewery Showcases New Bottling Line

Four Peaks Offers Sneak Peek of New Bottling Line at Wilson St. Location

A couple weeks ago, many viewers were able to join in on a Periscope broadcast, or scope, to get the very first look at the much-anticipated new bottling line at Four Peaks’ production facility on Wilson Street in Tempe, AZ.

During the scope, viewers were treated to a tour of the bottling line by an installer of the bottling line. Four Peaks was able to extract this portion of the scope and, with a little technological magic, was able to add subtitles to the highlights of the tour.

This brief tour includes identification of carbonator, valve manifold, triblock, rinser, double pre-evacuation and crowner with a short explanation of how each works.

With the introduction of this new bottling line, not only will production of current bottled beer increase, new bottled selections such as Hop Knot, Raj and other seasonal beers could be bottled. Additionally, look forward to seeing 12 packs of current bottled beer selections, Kilt Lifter and 8th Street Pale Ale, and distributed through Hensley Beverage Company and hits retails shelves in December.

For up-to-date announcements of new bottle releases, follow Four Peaks Brewing Company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope.

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