[Video]Four Peaks Gears Up for Spring Baseball with 16 Oz Cans

March holds a special place in the hearts of many Arizonans. The weather is not too hot, but not too cool and the sun is kind to desert dwellers and vacationers alike. Though, if you listen close enough from just about anywhere around town, you can hear the crack of a baseball bat or the organ pipes blasting a melody during the Seventh-inning Stretch, and you will see “Welcome Spring Training Fans” banners stretch from bar to bar all throughout the month of March.

This is a special year for us here at Four Peaks Brewery. It is the year that we introduce the 16 oz can to stadiums and venues throughout Arizona. These cans are filled with the sweet, malty flavors of Kilt Lifter and the citrus, piney nectar of the brew gods of Hop Knot.

We are so excited about this release; we made a video short proclaiming our love and passion for beer, baseball, and the Greater Phoenix Area.

We think we can make this happen.

To view more zany brewery antics and shenanigans, follow @FourPeaksBrew on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Cheers!

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