Summer Craft Cocktail – Four Peaks 120° Shandy

Alright, alright. We know – it’s Hot. Hot with a capital ‘H’. We have two seasons around here; they include “Sorta Warm” and “Satan’s Inferno”. It’s a daily struggle for us and some struggle a little more than others. (Seriously, our hearts go out to those with no A/C!)

What’s going to cool you down a bit and help you to experience a little summer fun at the next pool party? Since not many of us can just hop into a walk-in cooler every hour on the hour, we have a couple of craft cocktails that we think will do the trick that we are going to talk about over the next couple weeks!

Introducing the Four Peaks 120° Shandy! This simple cocktail is refreshing, delicious, and is an excellent way to beat the heat – Arizona style!

This super simple recipe is a fantastic summer party hit, and it’s easy to make with some ingredients you may already have at home. If not, it’s nothing that your neighborhood grocer won’t have for ya!

Four Peaks 120° Shandy will cool those jets!
Four Peaks 120° Shandy will cool those jets!

Four Peaks 120° Shandy

2 oz AZ Distilling Vodka infused with blackberry and lemon*
1 oz sour
Top with Four Peaks Sunbru Kolsch-style Ale
1 lemon wheel for garnish



How this Works

A little prep work will need to go into this ahead of time. To infuse the AZ Distilling Vodka, take equal parts vodka and simple syrup, muddle 4-6 blackberries to one lemon, infuse for a couple days then strain through cheesecloth.

Once your blackberry limoncello concoction is ready, mix it with sour mix and shake. Pour into a pint glass filled with ice, and add Four Peaks Sunbru to fill. Garnish with a lemon wheel and enjoy!

Easy peasy! Be the hit of the pool party with this fun, easy craft cocktail!

Not interested in all the work? Stop by the original Four Peaks in Tempe or Four Peaks Grill & Tap in Scottsdale and order one on your next visit!

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