Summer Craft Cocktail – Four Peaks Mangorita

Summer is, in fact, in full swing. And while we may want to wear driving gloves so we can actually touch our steering wheels, Four Peaks has a better idea. Cool down with one of our Summer Craft Cocktail Series!

Cutting mangoes
A real mango

In this edition, we will discuss (read: give away the recipe to) one of the newest editions to the Summer Craft Cocktail lineup – Four Peaks Mangorita.

Who doesn’t love mangoes, right?! Especially when they are in-season! I mean, they can be tough to peel and cut, but I found this quick vid to help you out. Peel, cut, and puree them for the freshest iteration of this libation OR just get some Real Mango puree (pictured).

Real Mango Puree
Real Mango Puree (not a paid endorsement, just a product we like.)

The recipe goes down like this:

1.5 oz of Roger Clyne Moonshine Blanco
.5 oz of mango puree
1 oz sour mix
(shake these ingredients together and pour over a glass of ice)
Top with Four Peaks White Ale
Garnish with a lime
Enjoy with friends and family

What you get should look something like this:



And if it doesn’t, who cares? So long as it tastes good, right?!

If you don’t want to foot the effort, that’s ok with us. Just stop by Four Peaks in Tempe or Four Peaks Grill & Tap in Scottsdale and one of our friendly bartenders will make one for ya!

Looking for more recipes? Follow us on Pinterest where we’ll be giving away the goods! Or you can partake in the conversation we’re having on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We ❤️ shenanigans!

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