Four Peaks Brews a Wet Hopped IPA, Wet Knot, for First Time in 20 Year History [Video]

On Friday, September 30, Four Peaks Brewing Co. tapped their FIRST EVER wet hopped beer, Wet Knot! With more than 200 years of brewing experience combined, are so proud to offer this brew up to friends and family who visit the Four Peaks pubs in Tempe and Scottsdale.

The 400 pounds of fresh hops used in this beer were picked from the vine then shipped off at 8 am on a Friday and into the beer the very next day! Wet hops need to be used within 24 hours of picking for the ideal flavor and quality.

This version uses the Hop Knot malt base, and its floral nose is the essence of pure citrus from the Cascade hops added at different stages of the brewing process. Wet Knot is a truly unique beer, and the gang is looking forward to it being a favorite of yours!

Due to its limited yield, Wet Knot will only be available at the original Four Peaks in Tempe, Four Peaks Grill and Tap in Scottsdale, and Four Peaks Tasting Room on Wilson Street. This beer is a one-time brew, so I recommend stopping by one of the pubs to try it before it’s gone!

Have you tried Wet Knot? Tell us about it! Check it in when you check it out on Untappd!

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